Wednesday, 25 May 2016

5x 7,62mm DP-28s

Meanwhile in Syria

SyAA DIY static defense emplacement fitted with 5x 7,62mm DP-28s.

credit : war machines

Red Five

A picture of the now forgotten "Red Five" Soviet aerobatic team in flight.

credit : war machine

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Ex-IqAF Mirage F-1EQ

Of all the jets that are currently in active service, these planes probably has the most ironic service history . They now serve the very airforce that they once tried to destroy for a span of four years.

Ex-IqAF Mirage F-1EQ in IRIAF service. No less then two squadron of these jets were confiscated by Iran during the gulf war.

Credit : war machines


AN IRIAF F-4 pilot

AN IRIAF F-4 pilot waves after returning from a mission.

credit : war machines